Online Piano Teaching

In March 2020, due to the pandemic, I moved online and nearly all my students moved with me. I have been teaching online for just over a year now and I am delighted by the results. My students are fully engaged with their work and we have had great success in online examinations both for Trinity college and the ABRSM.

During the summer when face-to-face exams were allowed all of my students did well. Aural work and improvising have taken off and students seem much more inclined to experiment, to question and discuss.

They each receive a practice plan after every lesson and information sheets, audio recordings as they need them. The online examinations have made them think much more about the element of performance and they have discovered the benefits of videoing themselves and critically appraising their performance. I have started zoom concerts which will become a regular feature for now on and I am working on new ideas to get everyone together. The first Grade 5 theory candidate took his online exam last term and, despite the added difficulty of a completely new format, did very well!

Moving forward, I will retain the online capability and I am happy to consider students from outside the immediate area as online students.


Fees for 30 mins – £20 and 45 mins – £25

Save 10% when booking a block of 10 lessons

Free 15 minute set up lesson is standard

Fees are to be paid in advance.


 Student set-up list for online learning

Sample practice sheet advanced

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Studio Policy
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